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A terarium class is a great way to connect with nature

Corporate Events

Inspire, Motivate, and Unite!

We understand the importance of the events that you host. They are an investment in your teams and your organization. Our workshops are a whole lot of fun but they are much more than that. Did you know that providing your team with a creative outlet will boost your team's problem solving ability, reduce stress, and boost camaraderie? Every workshop, we design and deliver, is unique and will be tailored to align with your goals. 


We are offer a variety of projects:

  • One-Day Workshops - Working together breaks down barriers and everyone walks away instantly feeling better and inspired.

  • Non-profit partnerships - Your teams can make some items to donate and some to keep. It's a win-win!

  • Installations Our team will come out to assess your location and your company background so that we can come up with the perfect wall installation for your team to build. 

Prices start at $40 and up per person. Minimum 10 participants.


The custom projects shown here are just a small sample of what is possible. Please visit our social media pages for more examples and inspiration.

Wall Installations

Everyday your employees will be greeted by the inspiring art that they created. 



Your employees can make their own little green worlds to brighten up even the dullest cubicle. 

A terarium class is a great way to connect with nature_edited.jpg

Dog Bowls

Our workshop at Urban Outfitters Campus was inspired by the dogs that come to work with their humans every day.

dog bowls 2.JPG
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