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Pink Concrete

Private Events

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Pink Concrete

Custom Programs

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or retirement? Planning the next social event for your friends? InDi Studio can help. Choose from a variety of unique art projects including Cheese Trays, Garden Gnomes, Wall Sconces, Watercolor prints, Holiday Centerpieces, plates, and mugs, OR share an idea of your own and discuss with the instructor in advance about the possibilities. Minimum participation/fee requirement.  To begin the planning process or for more information contact InDi Studio below.


Private Events

Create your own memories. Book a private class! Classes are offered inside the beautiful Whitemarsh Learning Center, or we will come to the location you provide.

  Planning Tips

  1. Idea Consolidation: Spend some time thinking about the theme of your event and the kind of art project that would best complement it. Consider the practicality of the project for the number of guests and the available time during the event.

  2. Budget Planning: Determine your budget for the art project, including the minimum participation fee required by IndiStudio.

  3. Contact IndiStudio: Reach out to IndiStudio to discuss your ideas and requirements. Be prepared to share details about the event, the expected number of participants, and any specific requests or questions you may have.

  4. Scheduling a Meeting: Arrange a meeting with the instructor to finalize the project details, discuss the feasibility of your ideas, and explore any possibilities you may not have considered.

  5. Confirmation & Deposit: Once you're satisfied with the project plan, confirm your booking with IndiStudio, and pay any required deposits or fees to secure your event date.

  6. Communication: Keep in touch with IndiStudio as your event approaches, to ensure all preparations are on track.

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